About Me

Welcome to my blog!

I’m a UK trained EU doctor with a tendancy to dabble in different countries and positions. This is my happy space to write posts and musings that hopefully some of you find useful or at least entertaining. You can find me on Instagram at @dr.anjanikno

Anjani xx

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7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Dear Anjani

    Anjani in Hindi means unknown, Jani means known
    My daughter shraddha is a classical dancer and actor since the age of 3. For an education , she loved to study medicine and is now in the third year of her medicine in cebu, Philippines. She is amongst the top students . For some strange reasons she loves Switzerland. kindly google shraddha gokul and visit youtube.com/indiansuperdancer. I will tell her to get in touch with you for more info about Switzerland. I am in the US but she is not fascinated by US.


      1. I came upon this site while browsing. How did you find studying outside of the UK given the different languages spoken, I presume Austria. I would like my children to take up residency in that country but have to make more inquiries.


      2. Hello Dr.Anjani
        I am a medical student in Tiblisi,Georgia. I came across your page today, and found it really helpful! I would like to ask for your advice on medical residency in Europe, and If I am eligible for it or not. Would be really obliged If I could talk to you about it!
        Thank you!


  2. Hi mam
    Iam a doctor from india . I just completed my graduation. Am i eligible for further training in austria?? If so, what is the procedure??


  3. Hellow Dr,
    I’m a Tanzanian interested with medical specialization in on of the EU countries especially German, Austria and or Switzerland. Sorry can you help me the address of a specific college or University that I can apply


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